Fly You Home


Te Heke

This is about whakapapa and our responsibilities to it. Whakapapa defines the connection between all things. This song particularly celebrates the lines of descent. The rope represents the lines of descent of whakapapa. So it is a connection between different generations.


This is my first music video that I made in 2002 which was released with my first solo album Whaea. The video is for Ka Huri te Wa, which was filmed at Takahanga Marae. It was made by Fisheye Films and funded by Te Mangai Paho. The kaupapa of the waiata is Te Reo Maori revitalisation and was written in 1995 at a Maori immersion hui at Takahanga Marae, and so it was a great experience to go back to that same marae, at a real wananga reo to film the video. My son Tama makes a cameo appearance towards the end – he is the baby in the blue hoodie (nowadays he is a teen, and is taller than me!)

He mihi nui ki nga kaimahi, ki te whanau o Takahanga hoki!


Philip Brownlee and Ariana Tikao : Ko te tātai whetū