Taonga Puoro Sound Healing

Hine Wai Ora: Taonga Puoro Sound Bath and Wānanga

Kei a te pō, te tīmatanga o te waiatatanga mai a te atua. Ko te ao, ko te aomārama, ko te aotūroa. Tīhei mauri ora!

Taonga puoro represent the voices of te taiao, our atua, and our ancestors. They provide us with connection and wellbeing. I’ve been playing taonga puoro for over 15 years and have been working with these special instruments for over 20 years, through my mentor, the late Richard Nunns. I have also been supported by Brian Flintoff, and Hinewirangi Kohu Morgan, and in the world of rongoā, our healing practices, by my kaiako Sharlene Maoate-Davis and Hemaima Wiremu. I regularly work with Ruby Solly, Al Fraser, Bob Bickerton, Mahina Kaui, Jerome Kavanagh and Sam Palmer to do playing, community-based wānanga, and sound bath events, which I call Hine Wai Ora. 

Hine Wai Ora represents the feminine energy of our atua wahine associated with taonga puoro. It also represents my style of playing which offers a gentle but powerful sense of connection and release. The wai represents the flow as well as the singing and chanted karakia that I incorporate into my sound bath sessions.

I am happy to tailor sessions to whatever rōpū or community that I am working in. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Testimonials for Hine Wai Ora sound bath sessions

Kia Ora, the healing practice of oro femininity is captured by Ariana in one of the most humblest forms, its freeing. I’ve had oro moments with Ariana, the first one was with Hinemoana and the power it had to clear blockages around my heart, I felt it in my blood vessels, in my arteries, like the vibration connected and cleared, it is an amazing taonga. At Whakarongotai and being taken through a journey of relationship of dimensions, a guided healing through oro. I do not have the words but I do know when my breath meets my putorino, I have memory of these moments and I feel so honoured to be able to have that ability, nō reira, ānei ngā mihi maioha kia koe, e Ariana, e kore ngā kupu. (Awhina)

Never seen my workmates actually relax couldn’t believe it and they were the full zen not for the rest of the day but week AND we are doing some taha tinana things together so inspired we were. (Terese, Zealandia)

Pure transcendence, so porotiti explored my body, gentle but pin point specific. It sat on my chest to the right. The pounamu sound is amazing and to connect how pounamu is formed by pressure, from Ruaaumoko, so it made me wananga about the grief (chest area) I hold especially in this time when I feel tikanga has changed, what pressure have I put on myself, is this area warm to touch. Also made me think of calcification on bones and pressure on areas can create sound, cracking popping, long, short, it’s about release. the legs especially the tibia bone holds lots of memory, it relates back to our whakapapa more to do with taonga tuku iho a lil bit of epigenetics. Anyway the next sound a koauau, a mirimiri warming, acknowledgement of trauma, a karanga to return mauri, putorino is haunting, it’s the choice. Loved the toka – Hine tuakiri, filtration systems, clearing , cleansing in all different vibrations (hue). Your voice grounds reminds of who has our back. The last two totally blew me out, felt like anything that was stuck is now unstuck if you get what I mean. Lol. Nga mihi Ariana, looking forward to the next wānanga. (Awhina)

Kia ora e hoa, ngā mihi aroha mō tō mahi pūoro, me tō mahi wairua. I lay with kōhatu in hand on my puku and uma, as Shar suggested to someone else, and had visions of tino rangatiratanga. The grating sounds echo my inner depths – showing in the light and nudged by the momentum of the rest of your soundscape. I’m grateful for this taonga to return to for
restoration and inspiration. (Brody)

Ataahua nga rongoaa o nga taonga raa…te tukuna atu raa a to hau tapu ki roto I nga taonga ka puta ka ora e (Clare)

E rere ana tōku wairua ki te awa o ngā tupuna, ki a Waikawa rere noa ki te wahapū o Otaki, Whakawhitiwhiti ki te tihi o Tararua, ki Tuteremoana ki Kāpiti. Ka hoki wairua mai ki ahau , i ahau e!!! (Sharlene)

Wow! Kei te mihi Ariana Tikao! Felt that one on my bones lying on my deck with my headphones on in the sunshine x (Raima)

So stunning absolutely mesmerized by the sounds you have a beautiful gift. I could listen to you all day!

Kia ora e hoa, ngā mihi nui! Moments in I was shimmering with goosebumps as my tension started leaving. There was plenty on the move, thank you for the channel (Brody)