Just noticed this review online from the ODT. The reviewer really got the aesthetic in terms of what we were going for with my last solo album, which was a live “feel” and not too much in the way of studio trickery or perfection! Thanks Jeff for the insight 🙂

Ariana Tikao. From Dust To Light. Aeroplane Music.
Ariana Tikao’s reflections on such weighty matters as the Christchurch quakes and the death of a friend mix with songs that explore her personal and cultural history on her third album, a smoothly paced and mellow 11-track work.

The mood is that of an intimate back-porch performance, with Tikao and a small cast of players adding discreet touches of taonga puoro, cello, dulcimer, piano and field recordings to a carefully balanced acoustic-folk set sung in a mix of Maori and English. Te Heke and Something To Give are contrasting highlights on this appealing album.

Single download: Te Heke
For those who like: Toni Huata, Maisey Rika

– Jeff Harford

http://www.odt.co. nz/entertainment/music/243638/cd-reviews-january-26